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Robyn Morris - CNT Manager  


Robyn began working for the CNT in 2003. Initially as Receptionist/Heartland Services Coordinator and has been in the role of Manager since 2013.  

With a previous involvement in community and sporting organisations she particularly enjoys the community aspect of her work with the CNT.  


Eastern Southland is a great community to live, raise a family and work in. We are fortunate to have excellent facilities along with a very supportive community. 

Lisa McKenzie - Project Coordinator

Lisa's favourite thing about working in the Gore District is the way people are willing to work collaboratively to make a difference, which inspires her. 

Gail PooleStrengthening Families Coordinator

The Strengthening Families Coordinator works for families,coordinating support networks for families, ensuring that the dreams,aspirations and life outcomes are supported by the agencies and services supporting them. The Coordinator can also help the family identify issues they would like support with and suggest referrals to further agencies or services.

Strengthening Families brings together the family and all agencies supporting them to help the family/whanau achieve their desired outcomes. 

By having everyone in the room at the same time the family is assured that those supporting them can listen to them and that these people will begin to understand their role in helping them achieve their goals.

Any agency can refer a family to Strengthening Families and families or whanau can also self refer. The Coordinator will make contact with the family as soon as practical, discussing any life challenges that they are facing and determining who is supporting them. The aim is to have Agency/Service collaboration so that the family can achieve better education, housing, health and social outcomes.

"The Gore and Eastern Southland Community looks out for each and every person living in the community. There is a great feeling of collaboration amongst the services working for and with Families in the area".

Gail is inspired by the passion and togetherness working towards positive outcomes for families and children in the community.

Eleanor Ranstead – Mataura Community Development Coordinator

Eleanor (Ele) is based in the Mataura Community Development Office, 8 McQueen Ave.  She has been part of the team since April 2017 and continues on in a role that has been set up since 2011.  Eleanor’s role currently consists of three parts:

v The promotion of Mataura and helping to organise and promote functions & events based in Mataura

v To work with the social agencies who are working in Mataura and to help them with the provision of those services to the Mataura Community

v To help the residents of Mataura access social services that are relevant to the life situations they are dealing with at this moment in time

Mataura is a lively and vibrant community with lots to offer, not only the Mataura residents but in many respects is leading the way in Eastern Southland.

Kelly YoungCommunity Connections Centre and Heartlands Services Coordinator

Kia ora! Kelly is responsible for the daily operation of the Centre, liaising with the tenants both permanent and casual, and being the first point of contact to assist the public with any queries. As a Heartland Services coordinator Kelly assists clients to access services offered by Heartlands.  

Kelly coordinates the annual Children's Day event for Gore. This is a huge undertaking, which is made feasible, and so successful, due to the incredible generosity and support from local agencies, organisations and groups, and our amazing community! 

The people of Eastern Southland are a constant inspiration; their generosity, attitudes towards each other, and ability to rally makes Kelly proud to be from the South. 

Claire Taylor - Financial Administrator

Claire is responsible for all financial aspects, reporting and payroll for the Community Networking Trust, and the Community Connections Centre.

Claire enjoys the friendly nature of Southland people and feeling safe within her community, as well as how willing people are to lend a helping hand 

if needed.

As a district, and community, she finds the range of things on offer, and how well they are executed, inspiring. Events such as the Hokonui Fashion Awards shows Gore can ably compete with the rest of the country. 

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