Community Networking Trust
Leading and enabling effective social service provision in Eastern Southland 

Brief History of Community Networking Trust (Eastern Southland) Inc - CNT

With the initiative of some local people, and after the results of an Internal Affairs survey in August 1999 on the needs of youth in Southland, and the comments of an international youth consultant speaking at the Croydon Lodge later that year, a brainstorming session with some key community people was held in December 1999. In May 2000 a public meeting was held and there was a call for interest to set up an initiating group and form a committee. This meeting outlined the CNT as an umbrella group, discussed a purpose intended for a community house, held an open forum for views to be aired and verified how this project met all three avenues of the Gore District Councils mission. An initiating committee was set up and funding was the next step. The Community Networking Trust (Eastern Southland) Inc. CNT was formed with the following aims.

  • Provided a legal entity  in order to apply for funding as a charitable trust.
  • Funding accountability to be a source of funding and disburse it to linked groups.
  • Networking in the form of : information sharing, more effective use of the funding that is available, less duplication of similar services, mutual support and providing premises.
  • Promotion all community groups and agencies that are positive, helpful and beneficial for the community will be welcomed to be part of this. The CNT will endeavour to promote them.
  • Provision of resources in particular a community connection centre as a first initiative.

In October 2000 premises were leased for the Community Connections Centre, and a number of groups have come to operate from there. The 8th of November 2010 marked the 10th Anniversary of the CNT and the official opening of the new premises at 1 Charlton Lane. 


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